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May 7, 2019

As spring arrives slowly but surely, Dave and Maggie each have some plant experiments to share for their favourite gardening item of the week, and this sets the stage for a discussion focused on growing perennials in short season climates. Dave reveals some surprising fruit growing plans, while Maggie goes deeper with her passion for growing medicinal plants. Meanwhile, the simple little marigold serves as a backdrop to a not so clear-cut question from a listener and we may, or may not, answer the question, "to pinch or not to pinch?". Dave is excited to share his feature interview with Jessika Doyel, manager of the scene-changing Sill plant shop in New York City, where the motto is "Plants Make People Happy". We agree! Dave and Jessika cover lots of houseplant tips for both rookie and more experienced plant parents, while also exploring some of the ways The Sill has been innovating on the concept of what a garden centre is, and how they connect with their huge community of plant fans. 

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