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Jul 17, 2018

Dave and Maggie are back this week in their outdoor “studio space” at Sage Garden Greenhouses. The duo start off the episode with a big THANK-YOU to all you listeners from around the world (0:57). Then it’s into their Favourite Varieties of the Week (2:10). Dave chats about the vanilla bean plant (did you know it’s in the orchid family?!) and Maggie shares one of her recent harvests, the very cool and purple-looking islander pepper (5:40). The Question of the Week focuses on squash (8:13). Join the Facebook group — link below — to ask your own question! Then it’s into this week’s wonderful guest, Mick Manfield (11:45).

Mick starts off by defining what exactly square foot gardening is (13:10) and how you can try it out whether you have a big space or a little one. From there, Mick touches on the supplies needed (14:40), soil mixture (15:20), adapting this technique for your physical abilities (17:00), weeding (18:45), the difference between square foot gardening and raised beds (20:10), the grid system (22:48), keeping the soil moist (24:22), fertilizing (25:28), vermiculite (26:11), adding compost (27:29), selecting proper varieties (31:10), perennial varieties (34:10), vertical growing (36:34).

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