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Sep 11, 2018

Episode 49: Moving plants indoors

Maggie and Dave are back at Sage this week to find inspiration for houseplant season. But before they can dig into the topic, Maggie shares her appreciation for the fours seasons (1:49) while Dave wonders what it would be like to live in a “uni-season”. As the conversation turns decidedly to fall, several announcements are made including further details on the upcoming Grow Guide Garden Harvest Swap (3:30) and the upcoming 1 year anniversary of The Grow Guide. As always the show features a hot question from our FB community, and this week Mychal N. asks for suggestions on very low maintenance veggie garden plants (5:17)... something that a lot of of us wonder about! But wait, what about the houseplants? Both Dave and Maggie have favourite plants of the week that relate to this week’s theme, each rather different (10:50). Which leads our hosts to the nuts and bolts of episode 49: how to successfully bring summer plants indoors. Timing is discussed first (15:22), followed by some clues on how to figure out what plants are best suited for indoors (16:30) and some steps to reduce stress for plants on the move (18:00). Ever the committed organic gardeners, Maggie and Dave stir-up some advice on using compost on houseplants (23:45), and also tackle the dread question of pests (25:50). Last but not least there is a nice summary of easy “to-do’s” during the transition to houseplant season (29:40) and a little shout out to our community thanking everyone who has posted a Grow Guide review (31:55), and a little nudge to anyone who might yet… thanks in advance!

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