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Sep 25, 2018

With unexpected September snow falling across parts of western Canada it would be easy to say outdoor gardening season is a wrap… but then we would miss out on delicious garlic. The Grow Guide crew get giddy as the garlic chat revs up, but first Dave and Maggie share stories from recent weekend getaways (1:10) and announce details of this week’s garlic give away (4:19), which of course includes a shout-out about the Grow Guide Garden Harvest Party taking place at Sage this Sunday September 29th (4:55). Maggie seems to have hit a home run with her Imperial Star artichoke crop this summer (6:15) and Dave dishes on his easy going Gasteria (9:50) as the plant picks of the week. Intrepid tomato gardener Vanessa poses a timely question about harvesting her crop in light of the snowy predicament (12:27) and then its garlic talk (17:21)... what to plant (23:30), when to plant (33:20), how to plant (36:25) and some favourite ways to enjoy garlic (41:52). Enjoy!  

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