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Nov 28, 2017

Today’s episode is all about YOU, the wonderful listeners! The Grow Guide is answering all the questions we’ve received over the past few weeks. From what type of seeds to grow in small, countertop aerogardens to how to get your jasmine blooming to whether you can still plant your garlic this late in the season — Dave uses his expertise to answer everything you’re dying to know. And Maggie helps your questions feel not so “rookie-like” after-all by adding in her own questions too. This Q&A won’t be the last and The Grow Guide always loves to hear your questions and (possibly) read them on the show, so keep asking them! As always, the show ends with an awesome giveaway, which is sponsored this week by Mama Pacha. Check out our Facebook group for your chance to win and visit Mama Pacha’s website to get your hands on some of her natural, botanical skincare products .