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May 28, 2019

Unpredictable spring weather in Zone 3 has Maggie & Dave reminding listeners about the importance of protecting plants when temperatures drop over night. Be mindful, growers! Dave shares a variegated milkweed as his favourite plant of the week while Maggie shares an interesting concept to support local farmers in your community. A listener question around harvesting asparagus sparks a discussion about proper care for the edible perennial too. The topic of this episode then turns to organic fertilizing, covering the benefits, the positive impact organic fertilizers has for plants & the environment, soluble vs. slow release fertilizer and finding the right one for your garden-style.

Organic Fertilizers Mentioned in this Episode Include…

- Vegano Plant-Based Fertilizer:

- Sea Soil Compost:

- Jobes Fertilizer Spikes:


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