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Apr 25, 2023

With Maggie's baby due date literally days away, this is the last episode of our official spring season... and we've packed this week's pod full of awesome Earth-honouring gardening info! First up, we get a glimpse under the mulch in Dave and Maggie's gardens after our start-and-stop spring. Then we get to hear about a little season-extending experiment in Maggie's greenhouse and a mini potato planting tutorial from Dave, as part of our favourite things segment. Our listener question of the week addresses timing when it comes to transplanting community-sown seedlings, a topic that a number of people have been asking about. Then, our guest Melanie Mercier from Araucaria Gardening Services shares a deep dive into how she tackles transforming manicured urban lawns into flourishing gardens that are not only gorgeous but specifically designed to host and support the diverse organisms that make up a healthy ecosystem.