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Feb 23, 2021

In honour of Black History Month, this week's episode of The Grow Guide is focused on black culture. We're honoured to have Colah B. Tawkin, host and founder of the podcast, Black in the Garden, join us to shed some light on why biodiversity in media is just as important as it is in nature (interview begins at 00:18:30). Colah challenges us to think outside of the white narrative gardening media often presents. We discuss her background as a gardener,  the lack of representation and diversity in gardening, and some of the amazing guests she's had on her podcast. In a very fun round of Rapid Fire, Colah recommends her favourite black-owned gardening brands, influencers and podcasts. See all Colah's recommendations and resources mentioned throughout the show linked below.

Colah's Recommendations:

The Read Podcast 

The New Jim Crow book

Civil Rights Leader Fanny Lou Hamer

The Plant Kiki - Colah's Other Podcast

Plant Expert: Derek, The Chocolate Botanist

Instagram Follows: Christopher @plantkween  and Niyya @thebloomjourney

Hemp Farmer: Green Heffa Farms, Farmer Cee

Black-Owned Seed Company: Seed Mail Seed Co

BIPOC-Hosted Gardening Podcast: The Plant Nook and Black Plant Chick 

Support Black in the Garden on Patreon

Maggie's Fav Thing: Seedling Heat Mat 

Dave's Fav Thing: Poppy Seeds

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