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Jul 24, 2018

For the first time ever, Maggie and Dave move their “studio” to a public orchard in the heart of Winnipeg at The Forks. Apple trees, raspberry bushes and hungry squirrels join the duo for this episode all about cucumbers. This week’s favourite varieties (3:10) are Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries and Aussie Sweetie Basil. And an awesome listener question about the differences between partial and full sun (7:20) leads to a conversation about the exact number of hours of sun each description requires. Then it’s all about cucumbers! Dave walks us through soil temperatures for direct seeding (13:15), transplanting methods (13:50) and the wide variety of cucumbers plants (15:00). Maggie shares her struggles with her own jungle-like cucumber plants (19:50) and the two of them break down the difference between vining and bushing varieties. She also shares a few secrets to making DIY supports (21:20) for overgrown cucs. Then Dave finishes off the episode with his favourite cucumbers for container growing (23:33), what type of compost to feed plants (26:25), harvesting (27:30), male and female plants (29:30) and then announces a spontaneous GIVEAWAY!

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