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May 21, 2019

This week we have the pleasure of chatting with Emma Biggs, a 14 year old gardening guru who just published her first book with the famous Storey publishing company. Emma brings her kid's-eye-view to help kids and adults better understand each other when it comes to enjoying gardening, but absolutely inspires gardeners of all ages with her extensive urban gardening knowledge (she is Toronto based). We get to chat veggies, bugs, eating weeds and much more. She is so well spoken - you will love connecting with her on the pod!

Before chatting with Emma, Dave and Maggie sing the praises of a locally sourced organic fertilizer and discover a tiny zone 1 perennial from Siberia. Our listener question of the week takes our imaginations on a little tour of French courtyards, where we contemplate the possibilities of espalier as a fruit tree growing technique for northern gardeners. So fun. 

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