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Aug 21, 2018

Maggie and Dave use the South Osborne Community Gardens as this week’s studio space and are blown away by its beauty and sense of community. They start the episode with a few fun announcements coming up soon — a Garden Club Tour (check out for more info) and an end of season garden party (date TBD!). Then it’s all about their Favourite Varieties, Zephyr summer squash for Maggie (5:30) and the Marimo Moss Ball for Dave (7:24). An awesome listener question about when to plant strawberries (10:10), leads the conversation into caring for them over winter and sourcing zone-specific berries. Then it’s all about seed saving (13:25)! Maggie and Dave recap the different types of seeds — heirloom, open pollinated and hybrid (15:25), viability (19:02), annuals vs. perennials (20:00), rookie friendly seeds to harvest (25:36), more challenging seeds to save (30:17), saving seeds from tropical (33:03), tips and tricks to the seed saving process itself (34:23) and storing (39:26).

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