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Aug 28, 2018

Maggie and Dave continue their garden touring, and set up the podcast studio under a big shade tree in the beautiful English Garden at Assiniboine Park. Summer is starting to shift into fall and your hosts start this week’s episode noticing how much the mood has changed in the garden, even in the last week. This does not stop them from being excited about what’s next, teasing garden party plans (3:05) and sharing their favourite plants (Sugar Baby watermelon at 3:55 & garlic bulbils at 7:20).  Kelly F. posted this episode’s timely question of the week, all about bringing herbs indoors (9:08), and Dave and Maggie offer a variety of resources to help gardeners find success with indoor herbs. Then the duo dive right into the topic at hand, chatting up the benefits of fall gardening (13:03), consider timing for fall seed starting (17:48), discuss fertilizing fall garden beds (19:30) and then rank various fall crops in terms of cold tolerance (23:30), including several that have “mind blowing” cold tolerance (33:45)! Finally Dave and Maggie muse on how lessons around fall sowing outdoors can teach us valuable lessons about growing edibles indoors as well (35:05).